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Everyone has a knitting story. Here is mine...

Knitting was something my soul felt drawn to shortly after a spinal cord cancer diagnosis rocked my world.

I let myself drown in information about yarn and knitting. I ordered my first skeins of yarn, a set of Knit Picks interchangeable needles, my first knitting pattern and then I learned about Ravelry. Whatever happened, I knew I wanted my young boys and incredible husband to have a tangible item that I made with my own two hands. 

When I was in the hospital recovering from spinal cord surgery, I watched YouTube tutorials and read the Stitch n' Bitch book. I knit each of my boys and my husband a hat...made of bulky weight Madelintosh, right there in my hospital bed.


After recovery, I started my own knitting podcast on YouTube called Adelaide Cottage. Slowly, I became a part of this incredible knitting community and I've made some amazing knitting friends along the way.

Experimentation in the dye pots began...mainly because I was pulled out of work and purchasing a lot of hand-dyed yarn wasn't in the cards for us at that time. I remember it being so fun to see the magic happen when the dye powder hit the water and clung to the yarn.

I taught myself how to sew during recovery as well. Eventually, my hand-sewn bags and hand-dyed yarn filled my Etsy shop.

Why do I call my shop and knitting podcast Adelaide Cottage?

My late grandmother owned our family cottage in Fort Erie, Ontario. It was located on Adelaide Street. We always referred to it as "The Cottage". My mom drove my sister and I there almost every day in the summers and most of my childhood memories happened there. 


Thank you for reading and WELCOME to Adelaide Cottage!